Managing Information for the Competitive Edge

A volume of readings co-edited by Ethel Auster and Chun Wei Choo, published by Neal-Schuman (New York).

Published August 1996

554 pages, softbound

ISBN: 1-55570-215-5

List Price: $75

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Part I Information Models of Organizations


  1. Towards an Information Model of Organizations. (Chun Wei Choo)

  2. The Convergence of Management Attention upon Information: Lessons for Librarianship. (Marianne Broadbent and Michael Koenig)

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Part II Understanding the Information Requirements of Organizations


  1. How Information Gives You Competitive Advantage. (Michael E. Porter and Victor E. Millar)

  2. Information Use Environments. (Robert S. Taylor)

  3. Toward a User-Centered Information Service. (Ruth C.T. Morris)

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Part III Information Behavior of Managers


  1. Information Richness: A New Approach to Managerial Behavior and Organization Design. (Richard L. Daft and Robert H. Lengel)

  2. The Information Environment of Managers. (Jeffrey Katzer and Patricia Fletcher)

  3. How Senior Managers Acquire and Use Information in Environmental Scanning. (Ethel Auster and Chun Wei Choo)

Additional Readings

Part IV Strategies for Managing Information


  1. Intelligent Management Systems for Intelligent Corporations. (Blaise Cronin)

  2. Information Audits, Communication Audits and Information Mapping: A Review and Survey. (David Ellis; R. Barker; Susan Potter; and Cheryl Pridgeon)

  3. Mapping the Information Resource. (Forest Woody Horton, Jr.)

  4. The Shared Information Network. (Ruth Stanat)

  5. Information Politics. (Thomas H. Davenport; Robert G. Eccles; and Laurence Prusak)

  6. "I Want it Fast, Factual, Actionable" - Tailoring Competitive Intelligence to Executives' Needs. (Douglas C. Bernhardt)

Additional Readings

Part V Assessing the Value of Information


  1. The Importance of Information Services for Productivity "Under-recognized" and Under-invested. (Michael Koenig)

  2. Value Added Information Systems and Services. (David Bawden)

  3. Demonstrating Information Service Value to Your Organization. (Marianne Broadbent)

  4. The Value of Information Centers. (Jose-Marie Griffiths and Donald W. King)

Additional Readings

Part VI Information without Boundaries


  1. Blow Up the Corporate Library. (Thomas H. Davenport and Laurence Prusak)

  2. Creating and Sustaining Competitiveness: Information Management Strategies of Nippon Steel Corporation. (B. Bowonder and T. Miyake)

  3. Competitor Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Role of the Information Professional. (Bijel H. Desai and David Bawden)

  4. Information Management - The Convergence of Professions. (James E. Herring)

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